Account verification

account verification

To fulfil our legal obligations as a UKGC licensed operator, we may require documentation to verify your account and process withdrawals.

You will find detailed information below on what may be required, this list is not exhaustive, and we reserve the right to request specific/further documents to meet these obligations as necessary.

To verify an account the following information may be requested, but not limited to;

Proof of identity:

A colour copy of a valid, photographic government Identification document (Passport or Driving Licence).

1. Your name matches your account name
2. D.O.B. matches your account and is 18+
3. The document has not expired


I do not have a valid driver's licence or passport. How else can I verify my account?

Alternatively, you can provide:

1. Expired driver's licence/passport plus Birth Certificate

Proof of address:

A colour copy of a utility bill dated in the last three (3) months showing your name and address.

1. Utility bill
2. Dated within last 3 months
3. Letterheaded


I do not have a utility bill. What do I do?

If you do not have a utility bill please contact the customer support team.

Debit Card:

A colour copy of the front of any debit cards used. Please note we will reject debit cards that are not PCI compliant, this means that:

* Middle 6 digits must be covered


Proof of eWallet:

A screenshot of your Skrill or Neteller account details page that show your full name, specific account number/name and current date (no older than 3 months).

The circumstances that we may request these documents is, but not limited to, below:

To comply with Our AML obligations i.e. The Prevention of Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism which includes but is not limited to: Simplified Due Diligence, Customer Due Diligence, Enhanced Due Diligence, Ongoing risk monitoring, Suspected Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), €2,000 threshold, Proceeds of Crime Act 2000, Suspected Underage use, Suspected or confirmed 3rd party payment methods used, suspected or confirmed business credit card methods used, Suspected or confirmed unauthorised payment method usage, Suspected or confirmed Self Exclusion circumvention, Suspected or confirmed multiple accounts, Suspected or confirmed bonus abuse and Suspected or confirmed credit card fraud.

When requested, documents can be sent to email or upload via your player profile

Before uploading/sending documents, you must ensure you use clear, original, colour copies of all documents, with all four corners visible and all relevant details showing in a high quality either .JPG or .PDF format.